Virgin Argan Oil for Hair, Skin, Nails: Luxury 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

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Manufacturer Description

Your search for the best 100% Pure Argan oil is over. Most Argan oils sold in the U.S. are deodorized, which not only removes the natural scent, it removes valuable nutrients that make this oil so great. Vizeri Beauty's oil is all natural so you get 100% of the benefits of the oil, just like the people in Morocco do.

When you receive the product, put it on your face before you go to bed or under your makeup in the morning. Use the bottle's pump to place a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub it on your hair. Notice the light nutty scent that dissipates quickly, but tells you that this is real Argan oil.

Do this a few days and notice the improvements. The great thing is that all the benefits come from a 100% natural product and you aren't putting all sorts of chemicals on your body. Feel good that you are giving your hair and skin nourishment it needs.

How can this product work like magic? It's simple really. The product is loaded with a nutrients, including a fairly unique form of vitamin E called Gamma tocopherol. Most oils contain Alpha tocopherol but research studies indicate that gamma is a better anti-oxidant than alpha. It has the  ability to protect against nitrogen-based free radicals responsible for aging, unlike the alpha. The famous doctor stated: that "Science believes Argan oil may be the secret to youth and beauty."

Just try it and you don't absolutely love it, just let us know and we will refund your full payment. We are so confident that you will love the product. You'll also be amazed at the customer service we provide after the sale!

You have nothing to lose so ORDER NOW and consider buying an extra bottle for a loved one.

Product Features

Most popular U.S. brands of Argan oil are deodorized to remove the oil's natural scent, along with some healing and restorative properties. Our cold pressed Argan oil is "virgin": it doesn't go through nutrient destroying processes. It has a natural scent that lets you know it's the good stuff and is the kind Moroccan people use. You get the FULL health benefits unlike unscented, fragranced, or chemical-additive Argan oil treatments. Unrefined Argan oil replaces a plethora of beauty products. Nothing is more versatile! It is used to repair damaged hair, moisturize skin, strengthen nails, soften cuticles, lighten scars, fix cracked heels, and even clear up acne. It truly is a miracle oil if you choose the right one! Restore health to your dry, damaged hair and get great shine and zero frizz. Argan oil tames the frizzies and makes your hair feel healthy again without weighing it down or making it feel greasy. Use it all over your hair or just on the dry ends; or use it to heal your dry scalp. Works great in combination with the Vizeri Beauty Curved Boar Bristle Brush to distribute oil evenly throughout your hair. So order today to regenerate and rejuvenate aging skin, restore life and shine to hair, promote scalp health to repair hair, or restore dry, brittle nails. Handy pump bottle easily dispenses the right amount of oil. Order an extra bottle for someone you love! See huge improvements in your skin's health! Replace your regular facial moisturizer and never worry about dry skin, acne, or clogged pores. The oil makes all your skin soft, smooth, and brighter because the high amounts of the best type of vitamin E called Gamma tocopherol have not been filtered out like in other Argan oils. Use for Anti-wrinkle, Hair Growth and Anti-frizz, Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Face, Anti-aging, Natural Skin Care, Cuticle Oil, Beard Oil, Stretch Mark Oil, Scar Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

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